What the Santa’s fantasy develops in kids and other people

At some stage in my studies on the challenge, I came across a video published by using the web page “20 mins” and which the reporter says approximately Santa: “It brings magic and magic, especially, it feeds the imaginary children whose courting to reality isn’t but fashioned “.

Many psychologists have certainly mounted the truth that before 4 to five years the kid does no longer differentiate between the actual and the imaginary.

The query that one is entitled to invite is that this: is it the position of parents to feed the creativeness of the kid with the aid of making him trust in something? Aren’t our children in a position, after this age, to invent their own stories?

Santa Claus raises several different issues, the psychologist Anne Baucus has raised a few that caught my interest:

The kids agree with for his parents: due to the fact this story is informed by mother and father, it’s far unavoidably true. Allow us to no longer forget about that the child incorporates limitless confidence in his mother and father.
Do not anticipate his selections: generally, tend to sell off on Santa Claus to justify the reality that the child does no longer have any items formerly ordered.
The invention of the reality: while this second arrives at college the kid may be mocked and think that his mother and father have betrayed it and might even move as ways as to resent them.
The parable of Santa Claus also poses the problem of credulity. We teach our toddler to believe in something by way of finding answers which might be more or much less zany to the actual questions he poses, and that he has the proper to ask himself.

Our desire of notion in Santa and our motives

So we made the choice not to make Arthur and our destiny youngsters agree with within the delusion of Santa Claus. It is a non-public desire and displays.

The fun of the naivety and gullibility of Arthur is a point on which we agree absolutely: he does will not be counted.

We need in any respect fees to broaden the trust that Arthur holds us, this self-assurance is the driving force of his personal creation.

We can give an explanation for to him that other dad and mom, via desire or custom, make their kids agree with that Santa Claus exists. We can tell him the story imagined around Santa Claus, insisting on the reality that it’s far a story.

And chiefly, we will spotlight the historical and biblical values of Christmas history, because it’s miles above all for these motives that this party is widely known. I invite you to study the thing on “shrewd Friday”, ” the super instruction of Christmas gifts “, wherein I endorse approaches to talk approximately Christmas with its kids and in which I endorse sports occupying the thoughts and arms of the kid.

This personal desire of route does no longer, of the route, lead to any bad judgment on the parents who, through choice or way of life, make their youngsters agree with in Santa Claus.

It’s miles with superb satisfaction that we will read your comments in this difficulty!

We want you all a satisfied new year!